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Things have been going well at work with some interesting animation scenes to work on, and it’s so awesome that Atomic has been offering animation workshops such as flying former Pixar animator Mark Oftedal for a several day workshop, lifedrawing, storyboard instruction, and currently Harmony training. Next week I’m really looking forward to taking an intensive weekend workshop from Michal Makarewicz, another Pixar animator whose class I had the pleasure of attending when I was at the Animation Collaborative program. Thanks again goes to Atomic for the discount and sponsoring this.

Here is an animation study I just created in my spare time, thanks to Mark Oftedal’s idea for studying poses from an animation scene that you like – analyzed a scene from Hugo Cierzniak’s great short film “Dip N’ Dance” (that just so happened to have “flamenco” moves). Enjoyed the pushed poses with the cartoony use of timing for comedic effect and seeing how far I could push the “Joe” rig.

Also, here is a couple sketches I made last week with my new Staedtler Porous Point Pens, had fun just adding water for the watercolour effect.

An arctic fox

Kumi, one of the main characters for my show Beat Bugs. The trailer of the show was actually just released at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu-5mkWii0c

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New Things on the Horizon

This was quite the busy and productive year! Was a great experience working on the Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates show with a small and tight-knit team of CG Generalists. When I joined it was only three of us with our team later growing to six, and thus we were responsible for all 3D content in the episodes – rising to the challenges of problem solving solutions under tight deadlines. In fact we were able to finish so much earlier than the deadlines that my contract ended earlier than expected. Though I will miss working at Bardel – I was grateful to have a new opportunity immediately show up to work on a new exciting project at another well respected studio, Atomic Cartoons. The show is called “Beat Bugs”, which received the exclusive rights for the first time to adapt children TV episodes to the music of the Beatles. The animation, modeling, lighting and FX are all so high caliber that I have a hunch this will go on to be very successful.

Currently an update for my website and demo reel are in the works, but in the meantime here are a few paintings and sketches I’ve created as gifts for friends and family over the past year:

A personalized card for my friend’s wedding, in the style of the Japanese artist Sachiko Umoto whose work I admire for its simplicity and cute appeal with focus on colour theory. Touches of blue interference iridescent paint is added throughout, though it doesn’t reproduce in this photo.

A Hello Kitty water colour for my coordinator’s Secret Santa gift card, as I heard she was a big fan.

A watercolour painting that I drew as a gift for my dad for Christmas. It’s referencing a photograph of my sister, dad and myself and in the style of Totoro – as my family has been huge studio Ghibli fans for many years.

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Great Start for 2015!

Well it looks like it’s time for my yearly blog update! Yes.. I do need to update this more! 🙂 Things have been quite busy and a lot has happened since my last update. Over the past year I have finished off my contract work with Mark Soo on the “Koons on Ice” project, worked on couple projects with my friend Simon’s company Sideview Studios, first on a team project setting up a display floor in 3D of the upcoming Westbank “Vancouver House” project, creating the models and textures for the render and secondly animated the rabbit mascot for an Italian Train company “Italo Treno”, in which I brushed up on my 3D Max knowledge for.

Here’s a photo of our group Vancouver House render:

The exciting project I am currently working on since November is for Disney on the fourth season of the T.V. series “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” at Bardel Entertainment, a company I had my eye on for quite awhile. I started off in the Production side which has given me the opportunity to see the entire creative process of producing a television show of such complexity in a short time frame. From the team leads discussing the Leicas we receive, to the organization of a huge team of 80+ artists to the discussions with the client, there is a lot probem-solving needed and continuous process improvement due to the inherent nature of this type of work. Currently this month I am very pleased to have started a CG Animation and Rendering role. Even though the show is primarily created as a Toon Boom Harmony 2D Animated show there’s still a lot of elements which are rendered in Maya with a Toon Shader to match the look, from the pirate ships to the vehicles to complex characters and machinery. I find it interesting how this project ties into the style my film short, which combined 2D elements of animation and backgrounds in a similar way to the 3D. Looking forward to this upcoming year of work, working on a project that, I must say, looks fantastic so far and with a phenomenal group of talented people!

Just came back from Victoria, where I was interviewed about my film “Oriana” by my some students from my old high school Reynolds Secondary as part of their media program which is organised by my musical theatre teacher John Gray. Looking forward to see it air on Shaw TV in the upcoming week.

In other news, I have just updated my website KaraDesigns.ca with projects added to the 3D Projects, Sketches and Graphics sections. Included in this update is a design for my sister’s upcoming baby shower – trying out the paper cutout look using the pen tool and layer masks in Photoshop, working with a Woodland theme.

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Fall 2013 Update

Wrapped up work with PulseLearning a few months ago and in the meantime I have been working with visual artist Mark Soo, whom I previously worked with years ago on an art installation film project “Several Circles”. This new project has been a learning curve as I have delved into photo-realistic modeling and rendering of a glass sculpture. This has entailed learning the ins and outs of Maya’s mental ray engine, shaders, caustics, photons, ambient occlusion, global illumination, final gathering, HDRI maps and creation of them in HDR Light Studio, cloth simulations and various compositing techniques. I will post a screenshot of the project soon.

In addition to planning a new demo reel I have been playing around with with this new app called FlipaClip, which works well with my Galaxy Note. Here’s a little animation I created, worked on it mostly while on the bus/waiting for flamenco classes to start. My pen wasn’t calibrated properly throughout most of it – but it was fun to keep things a bit loose and work with the energy of the line boil technique.

Flamenco Sway from Kara Miranda Lawrence on Vimeo.

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