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Back to the Drawing Board

This month I’ve spent much time drawing, painting and planning as I’ve been having major computer problems in which we finally figured out that one of my harddrives failed. Thankfully was able to backup the data, but then directly after reinstalling all my programs/importing the data, my computer failed again, causing more delay and having to redo the process again.. such is the joy of computers :) . I’ve recently heard a couple stories of friends losing all their data during hardware failures which is tragic. We store so much of our irreplaceable files on these machines and though most people don’t even take the necessary precautions, the reality is that that computers fail all the time and when they do, there won’t be any notice!

Here is an example of one page of my sketchbook, this day I was studying the sketch style of one of my major inspirations, illustrator, concept designer, filmmaker, screenwriter, (former animator!) Iain McCaig.

Below is a painting I created in acrylic to study one of the promotional photos of a favourite film The Secret of Kells, I was lucky to attend the filmmaker’s presentation of behind the scenes of the film at a Siggraph Vancouver event a couple years ago before the film got an Academy Award nomination. This is a film I recommend to all my friends as it is quite the gem in terms of story, characters and visual style but still isn’t that widely known.

Inspired by this style I went on to create my own design as a 11″x15″ watercolour utilizing a similar painting texture. Here is the progress from the initial sketch, the outline in ink, the application of watercolour resist for the flowers etc., painting in sections of similar colour and the final product.

In the next update I hope to share an animation exercise in addition to really exciting news! Trying my best to have patience and to prepare for what is to come :)

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